Our Greeters will delight and professionally answer your clients calls from Monday to Saturday – 8am to 10pm. That’s a whooping 14 hours of our brilliant virtual receptionist service.



How Does The Greeter Works?

Pick a local number or an existing number and forward it to The Greeter- We’ll take it from there!

Our Greeters will answer all your calls, forward them to the appropriate people, and make outbound calls for you.

They can also schedule  appointments, take detailed messages for you, and initiate and bridge conference calls!

So you can sit back, relax, and even grab a much deserved break. Greeters has your back.

What Makes our Highly Awesome Service the talk of the town!

We’ll take your calls and deliver instant updates!

We’ll make sure to answer all your calls, route them to the right people, and get detailed messages from them using our short intake form!

We’ll swiftly deliver all of your important messages via SMS or e-mail!

We’ll answer all of your callers’ questions and provide spectacular assistance — with a personalized flair!

Your preference is king! Our Greeters will answer calls according to your instructions and preferences. They are also experts at learning your company’s FAQs to provide terrific customer assistance. Run your business your way with The Greeter!

Are you ready to build a better business?

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