Our Greeters will delight and professionally answer your clients calls from Monday to Saturday – 8am to 10pm. That’s a whooping 14 hours of our brilliant virtual receptionist service.



Virtual Receptionist Answering Service

All calls answered, all the time. Choose a Greeter plan that suits your Budget.

  • Starter Pack
  • R 200
  • Designed for a Solopreneur who would like to have calls forwarded to his personal number

  • Basic
  • R 500
  • Ideal for a Brand new Entrepreneur or a fresh small business looking to make a great customer service mark!

  • Premium
  • R 1080
  • Perfect for soaring businesses that deal with high call volumes, caller inquiries, bookings, and more!

  • Executive
  • R 1500
  •  Excellent choice to meet solid businesses and companies’ high call demands. Transform call leads into patrons today!

*A once off setup fee of R250.00 will be applied if you decide to move forward with a GREETERS Pricing packages.

More Features

Call Screening

Our Greeter will screen each call, making sure that you only interact with leads, clients, and business partners, saving you time and eliminating unnecessary headaches!

Unlimited Transfer Talk Time

The time you spend speaking to a third party on a transfer or a conference call is included in all Greeter plans — this means the talk time won’t be billed against your plan minutes!

Coverage Time

Our Greeter will cheerfully and professionally answer your clients’ calls from Monday to Friday from 8am – 10pm CT 

Dedicated Receptionist

Our popular Premium and Executive plans give you access to your very own team of Greeters, who will be dealing with your clients on a regular basis. They will be able to build strong relationships and solid rapport with your clients, to your business’s advantage!

Appointment Reminder

Our plans come with an appointment reminder feature, which enables you to have Greeters remind you of important events, dates, and meetings!

Online Scheduling

Our Plans also enables your Greeters to access your online calendar software to help schedule appointments and events!

Send Daily Request to your Receptionist Team

Give directions and update your receptionist team of your daily service requests via phone call, text or email! Interact with your Greeters on your preferred means of communication! Give directions and update your receptionist team of your daily service requests and important instructions via phone call, text or email! Interact with your Greeter on your preferred means of communication!

Local Number Included

All Greeter Plans come with a local number for your Business!

Message Taking and Delivery via Email and Sms

Our excellent virtual receptionists will accurately jot down important messages when you’re not available to take a call, and send it straight to you via email or text so that you’re always in the loop!

After Hour Message transcription and Delivery

All of your clients’ voicemail messages after office hours will be carefully and correctly transcribed and delivered straight to you!

All Calls Answered with a Smile

Our Greeters are guaranteed to happily and helpfully take and make calls for your business! We’ll make your business sound like a Listed company with our impeccable customer service!

Impeccable Call Forwarding

With The Greeter, you can forward your existing business phone number, Google Voice, Ring Central or any other virtual PBX service number to our virtual receptionists and we’ll take it from there!

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