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What Traits Should You Consider When Hiring a Receptionist?

Receptionists are a vital part of your business because they are the first contact most customers will have with your business. Without the right person in this position, you could be losing customers and you may not even know it. Here are some of the traits you should consider when you need to hire a receptionist.

Ability to Multitask

Multi-Tasking ReceptionistMost receptionists will need to be able to handle multiple tasks throughout the day. This is especially true if you do not receive a high volume of calls every day. Your receptionist may need to make appointments, take orders, make callbacks and much more.

Hiring somebody capable of multitasking is a must for this position. Whether you prefer an in-house receptionist or choose a virtual receptionist, they need to be able to do more than just answer the phone and transfer a call.


One of the most important things you need from a receptionist is professionalism. If you choose someone that isn’t professional on the phone, your company will gain a reputation of not being professional very quickly. This could cost you new business and cause current clients to wonder what type of business you are running.

Make sure the receptionist you choose is very professional. They should know how to dress, how to answer the phone properly and how to handle all types of callers in a professional manner.

Attention to Detail and Organization

There’s nothing worse than receiving a message that doesn’t tell you much or isn’t correct. Your receptionist should be very detail-oriented and highly organized. They must be able to keep your messages straight, get the right details from the caller, handle your schedule and much more.

Excellent Communication Skills

Communication SkillsSince a receptionist will be dealing directly with your callers, he or she must possess amazing communication skills. If your receptionist does not have great communication skills, it will be impossible to provide excellent customer service. Your receptionist should be able to handle requests and customer service issues without an problem.


An empathetic receptionist is a true asset for your company. He or she will be able to relate with your customers when they are having an issue. This will go a long way to impressing your current customers and new customers that your receptionist deals with.

There are many traits you should look for in a receptionist. The right receptionist will make a huge difference for your company and can certainly increase your bottom line.

Choosing a Virtual Receptionist

If you want to take the guesswork out of hiring your next receptionist, a top virtual receptionist service will provide just what you need. With the right virtual receptionist company, you will gain a team of receptionists with all of the above qualities and more.

Since virtual receptionists are highly trained to be very professional and only those with the best communication skills are employed in these positions, you will get a great receptionist for a very low cost compared to an in-house receptionist. For many small to medium sized businesses, a virtual receptionist is the right choice.