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What You Might Not Know About Hiring a Virtual Receptionist

It is only natural to become accustomed to the way your office phone rings. There may be a certain day of the week where you receive more phone calls than others. Every phone call holds an opportunity that you do not want to miss out on, so each time the phone rings it is highly important that you answer it.

There will be times when it is necessary to take messages for other staff members that are not currently in the office, or you may have to transfer calls to voicemail. This is only common when you work in an office, but it can really alter our day and how much work we actually get done.

Many businesses have found themselves recruited the help of virtual receptionists, so other staff members are not tied up all day answering the phones. Virtual receptionists are beginning to replace traditional in office receptionist because of affordability and flexibility that they offer.

A virtual receptionist offers a lot to a business owner, and working from a remote location is ideal, as they can do everything in a virtual setting. This means that the business owner will not have to worry about providing them with office space or equipment.

Perhaps you are considering a virtual receptionist as a solution for your busy office. Here are some benefits you will get when deciding to hire a virtual receptionist.


Hiring a Virtual ReceptionistThe best thing about having a virtual receptionist is the flexibility that they offer you. They work from a remote location, which means they can work anytime you need them. You can extend your hours, and have your virtual receptionist answer phones a few hours before you open or after you close.

It’s great to have an actual person to greet your customers during holidays or vacations. You will not have to worry with an automatic system when you need to shut down for the holidays. All phone calls can be forwarded to your receptionist, and they will alert you if something important comes in.

If the weather is bad outside, and you want to give staff members the day off, your virtual receptionist will be able to handle your phones, and direct phone calls to appropriate staff members if they are working from home.

You no longer have to staff your office on weekends, as the virtual receptionist will handle phone calls efficiently, and you can return calls when you get back into the office on Monday. This type of receptionist is ideal for vacations, holidays, bad weather, sick days, weekends and extended hours.

Cost Efficient

Employ a Virtual ReceptionistWhy hire a full time staff member if you only need help during peak times, or on an occasional basis. A virtual receptionist is a great solution, as you can use them as you need them. If you only need to have added staff two days a week, then your virtual receptionist will work those days. You will not have to worry about paying full time benefits, training staff, or having too much staff on hand. You will save money by hiring a virtual receptionist. You will pay a monthly fee, rather than generating cost such as providing office space and buying equipment for them.

Increased Productivity

When you decide to hire a virtual receptionist, you are freeing up time for your staff members to complete their jobs. They will no longer have to be interrupted to answer phone calls, that means that productivity will increase. Your virtual receptionist will be able to answer customer questions, book appointments, screen phone calls, take detailed messages, and forward phone calls to the right staff members.

When staff members get a phone call forwarded to them, they will know that it pertains to their direct role in your business. This will also cut down on the frustration that clients feel when having to be transferred multiple times to find the right person to help them. Your virtual receptionist is a highly trained professional who will know how to directly help your customers reach the correct staff member.

Other benefits that you will receive when hiring a virtual receptionist includes top notch customer service, multi-language support and reliability.