Our Greeters will delight and professionally answer your clients calls from Monday to Saturday – 8am to 10pm. That’s a whooping 14 hours of our brilliant virtual receptionist service.



Why Choose The Greeter?

Our Business is to keep things Personal

Our goal goes beyond just answering phone calls. We aim to connect with you and your customers on a personal level. This builds deeper trust, better rapport, and a bigger, happier business.

The Greeter guarantee: we’ll treat your customers and your business as if they were our own.

8 to 5 means 8 to 5

We take your hours of operation seriously – our Greeters will answer all your calls, all the time.

No call will go unanswered because of lunch breaks, sick days, or any other possible reason (we know you’ve heard it all before). The Greeter will keep answering your calls and keep your business rolling and booming!

We are multitasking masters

Greeter is well-known for our flexibility – our services can tailor-fit the unique needs of any business.

From the most basic to the most specialized service needs, count on our team of extraordinary virtual receptionists to take on each task efficiently and as always, with a smile! Give us the tasks that your business demands, and we’ll meet them. It’s that simple!

We’ll help you manage your time and money wisely

With The Greeter, our Greeters will answer all phone calls, tend to your customers’ concerns, help you build your business, and do so much more – while saving you a tremendous amount of money!

Our services are simply more cost-effective compared to hiring an in-house receptionist. Save time and money with The Greeter!

Free Unlimited Emails

Send and receive as much e-mail you need with your very own Greeters! They’re free! (Because you’ll have so much more free time on your hands with a Greeter on your team, you may even send us photos of cute pets doing cute things – we won’t mind, we promise!)

Usage & Alert Report

We make sure that you won’t go beyond your preferred plan with our usage and report alerts.
The Greeter keeps things easy for you!

We Service All Industries

The Greeter teams up with different kinds of businesses to keep them running smoothly. Our virtual receptionists work with Law Firms, CPA’s, IT Firms, Marketing Agencies, Financial Professionals, Software Developers…

Talk to your Greeter via Email

Just when you think our awesome Greeters can’t possibly get awesome, we spring this on you: Want your Greeter to call a client, forward important messages ASAP, or do whatever receptionist task that floats your boat? Your Greeter is just an e-mail away!

Dedicated Team or Virtual Receptionist

With The Greeter, you’ll get a dedicated team of our cheerful and efficient Greeters — and you won’t have to worry about being thrown into a pool of random receptionists. Your very own Greeters team will build great rapport with you and your clients!

Online Scheduling

Our Greeters aim to overachieve — they can create schedules for your clients using your company’s own software or via Google Calendar. On your go signal, they will also remind your clients or yourself
of important events!

After Hour Message transcription and Delivery

All of your clients’ voicemail messages after office hours will be carefully and correctly transcribed and delivered straight to you!

All Calls Answered with a Smile

Our Greeters are guaranteed to happily and helpfully take and make calls for your business! We’ll make your business sound like a Listed company with our impeccable customer service!

Impeccable Call Forwarding

With The Greeter, you can forward your existing business phone number, Google Voice, Ring Central or any other virtual PBX service number to our virtual receptionists and we’ll take it from there!