Our Greeters will delight and professionally answer your clients calls from Monday to Saturday – 8am to 10pm. That’s a whooping 14 hours of our brilliant virtual receptionist service.



The Story behind The Greeter

It was a bright, sunny day in Pretoria when one smart guy decided to do something great. “I’ll develop my own startup Web Designing company,” he thought.

With a little elbow grease and a few million brain cells, he made it all shiny and amazing. The startup created a stir up in the industry!

And with every great startup comes great call volume. Calls came flooding in for the smart guy’s business, which was definitely great news — but unfortunately, he drowned in them; he simply wasn’t able to answer each and every call he got, because of the load of work to be done for his clients.

Not All clients were satisfied and awesome service was delayed.

Then it hit him (he was smart, after all). He realized that he had a *gasp* secret weapon.

The answer to all his call-related woes. The solution to all his customer service dilemmas.

Was no other than his awesome partner in life.

(The Ultimate professional customer service representative)

With the awesome girlfriend working on board as the smart guy’s live virtual receptionist, business was swiftly back on track. Her charming personality paired with her professional call handling skills endeared her to the smart guy’s customers on a personal level!

“I give the same level of customer service I expect to get when I shop for myself,” explained the awesome girlfriend (AKA ultimate shopping warrior).

With their powers combined, the smart guy and the awesome girlfriend realized that the business method they’ve co-created could be used for the greater good. Live virtual receptionists could help other small to medium-sized businesses work faster, better, and cheaper.

The power couple started sharing their trademark gift of gab to a team of live virtual receptionists they’ve hired. They were dubbed as “Greeters”.

That was when The Greeter, a super awesome live virtual receptionist service company, was born.