Our Greeters will delight and professionally answer your clients calls from Monday to Saturday – 8am to 10pm. That’s a whooping 14 hours of our brilliant virtual receptionist service.




The Greeter Frequently Asked Questions

How does the service works?

It’s simple! Choose a plan that best suits your business, follow our call forwarding instructions, and our Greeters will answer your company’s calls from 8:00 am to 10:00 pm CT!

Can i forward my existing number to The Greeter?

Yes, definitely! You can choose to forward your existing phone number or even get a new toll-free number for your business through our service! Forwarding your existing phone number is easy! Just follow our call forwarding manual and you’re good to go. call forwarding instructions

How do i communicate with the receptionist team?

You can choose to communicate with your very own Greeter team via phone calls, text messages, Live chat, or email correspondences. Your preference is always king!

How many Virtual receptionist are assigned to my account?

For our clients who have Premium and Executive plans, they get a team of around 4 to 5 dedicated virtual receptionists or Greeter who will answer all calls and build rapport with their clients. Meanwhile, our Starter and Basic plans connect our callers to the next available friendly and professional Greeters!

Can you handle scheduling?

We definitely can! Our Greeters are trained to handle our clients’ scheduling needs using different scheduling software and systems, such as Outlook, Google Calendar, Time trade, among many others, to schedule clients as they call in for appointments and bookings. Our Greeters can also remind you of your important appointments and meetings so you won’t miss any of them!

Can i view my Emails on my client zone?

We are in the process of getting our amazing clients access to their emails straight from the tenant dashboard! We’ll be sure to update you when this feature is made available.

Is there a mobile app to update status?

We are currently developing The Greeter mobile app for both android and ios, which should be ready for our amazing clients in 2018!

How do you differ from other service provider?

Awesome question. Aside from the fact that we don’t round-up seconds into minutes when we bill our clients (see question no. 3 if you’ve missed it!), we offer a slew of other helpful services for a much lower price compared to our competitors, such as a dedicated virtual receptionist team feature, voicemail transcription, usage alerts, even the accommodation of our clients’ personal requests, and so much more!

Can my Receptionist or Greeter ask questions from an intake form that i will provide?

Definitely! Your Greeter can ask your callers a list of questions that you and your business requires. The intake form is filled out during the initial account setup stage, and can be easily edited on the tenant dashboard.

Where are you located?

While all our amazing virtual receptionists deliver quality service from different Provinces in  SA, Greeters’s headquarters is located in Pretoria.

Can you offer customer plans to fit my budget?

Definitely! If you don’t see a plan that best reflects what your business needs on our pricing page, please don’t hesitate to contact us! We’ll create a custom plan for you!